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UK iodine experts weigh in on the media debate about iodine and salt

Sir, We endorse strongly the initiative to reduce the daily salt consumption in this country to the level proposed by experts (report, Apr 28, letter Apr 30). This would not preclude adding iodine to salt to achieve an important public health aim, namely to reduce the risk of iodine deficiency in vulnerable groups. Adequate iodine is vital for women who are planning a pregnancy, as a deficiency of iodine during pregnancy is associated with lower IQ in their children, and indeed this has been shown in UK women. For information on iodine, including dietary sources and ways to ensure adequate iodine intake, an iodine fact sheet can be downloaded from the website of the British Dietetic Association.

Professor John Lazarus, Chairman, United Kingdom Iodine Group, Cardiff University; Dr Sarah Bath, University of Surrey; Dr Emilie Combet, University of Glasgow; Janis Hickey, British Thyroid Foundation; Professor Kate Jolly, University of Birmingham; Michael Marsh, Kings College Hospital, London; Professor Margaret Rayman, University of Birmingham; Dr Alex Stewart, Public Health England; Dr Mark Vanderpump, Royal Free Hospital, London.

Added: 06.05.2015


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