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Sudan: iodized salt production to start in the Red Sea State

During a visit to the Red Sea State, Sudan’s Minister of Industry Dr Abdu Daud Suleiman emphasized the important role of the salt industry within the industrial programme of economic reform. He was accompanied by the Minister of Health, Dr Somia Idris. Dr Suleiman confirmed his Ministry’s commitment to making the iodized salt project a success, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Red Sea State authorities, and other partners.

The Red Sea State is the sole provider of salt in Sudan, and it could play a key role in supplying iodized salt to the Sudanese population. The Minister also recommended that salt should be supplied to the market in small packages rather than in large 50 kg sacks. Salt in large sacks, he explained, may have become exposed to dust and dirt, making it harmful to humans and animals.

Dr Somia Idris expressed the same message on behalf of the Ministry of Health and called on the industry to produce iodized salt, adding that health is not just about doctors treating their patients, but also about changing the attitudes to disease prevention, by improving awareness among the population and creating a healthy environment. The MoH will send a team of experts to the Red Sea State, which will include representatives of the GIAD Industrial Group and international partners, to talk to salt producers about latest technologies and the importance of investment and favorable legislation to make the project successful.

The Red Sea State Governor reiterated the importance of adding iodine to salt and confirmed the State’s commitment to the project’s success. A memorandum of understanding is to be signed by all parties, including the salt producers. The head of the Red Sea State salt producers expressed their readiness to achieve the target of increasing production to meet the national demand and minimizing imports.

Dr Mohamed Ali Altoom, a specialist in endocrine disorders, said that numerous studies in Sudan show evidence that iodine is lacking in many people’s diets, often leading to children not being able to learn at school. He stressed the importance of legislation and collaboration between salt producers, the government, and GIAD. He referred to iodized salt as “white gold” and praised the Ministers for leading this initiative.

Source: Al-Sammani Awadallah, Sudan Vision, Issue 3627, 22 August 2015


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