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Six common patient misperceptions about iodine nutrition

There is good information about iodine nutrition and the thyroid available on the Internet, but unfortunately there is also misinformation. The following are six misperceptions about iodine nutrition and thyroid supplements that patients frequently ask me about:

1. The United States is considered iodine-sufficient, so I have no need to worry about my iodine nutrition.
2. Sea salt is a good source of dietary iodine.
3. It is safe to assume that my prenatal multivitamin contains adequate iodine.
4. Measurement of iodine in my urine (or blood, hair or fingernails) can determine whether my intake is adequate.
5. If some iodine in the diet is good, more must be better.
6. Supplements marketed for thyroid support are a safe source of iodine nutrition.


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