Iodine Global Network (IGN)

Nationwide campaign for IDD prevention and promotion of iodized salt in Russia

6 October 2016
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On October 6, 2016, a nationwide campaign to promote iodized salt and prevent IDD was launched in Russia. The campaign is the erfort of the Russian Endocrinology Association and medical student volunteer groups, backed by the Ministry of Health and the Endocrinology Research Center, with support from the Iodine Global Network (particularly its Deputy Regional Coordinator for Eastern Europe & Central Asia, Dr. Ekaterina Troshina and her colleagues).

The campaign’s main objective is to support the adoption of USI as an amendment to the Russian Food Safety Law. A host of awareness-raising and educational events took place in almost all regions of Russia, from Siberia to Caucasus, under the slogan "Salt + Iodine = Saving IQ."

Meetings and workshops were held in schools and universities, volunteers attended rallies, distributed flyers, and even held flash-mobs – all to raise awareness about the role of iodized salt in the prevention of IDD. On the eve of the launch, a press conference was held in Moscow’s headquarters of Russia Today, attended by top medical experts, and representatives from the Ministry of Health, professional organizations and NGOs. Its message urged the government and other partners and the civil society to act now and make a decision to control IDD.
Campaign launch at the Endocrinology Research Center

Student volunteers holding the campaign's motto: "Salt + Iodine = Saving IQ"

Press conference on "Iodine Deficiency Disorders - time for making a decision" with top medical experts, NGOs and bread-baking industry representatives in "Russia Today" Press Center.