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Philippines: meeting on iodized salt held in Batangas

A Consultative Meeting of the Salt Iodization Program took place on 23 April at the Provincial Capitol Hall in Batangas led by the Provincial Health Office headed by Dr. Rosvilinda Ozaeta. Attendees included the sanitary inspectors, salt producers, salt distributors, and members of the Provincial Bantay Asin Task Force. The purpose of this meeting was to explain the importance of using iodized salt and its benefit to human health, and to implement the ASIN law.

Ms. Ruena Guzman from the Food and Drug Administration’s Office explained the requirements that food manufacturers must meet to receive a licence to operate. Ms. Josie L. Pondevida. Senior Science Research Specialist from the Department of Science and Technology, demonstrated how to use the WYD Iodine Checker. It is a rapid test kit used to test the salt available for sale on the market to determine the iodine content of salt.


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