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Philippines: Groups back bill exempting local sea salt from ASIN law

FOOD entrepreneurs and exporters want to make the non-iodization of salt no longer a sin under the law.

In a position paper, multisectoral group Competitiveness Currency Forum (CCF) rallied behind House Bill (HB) 4939, filed by Reps. Ron P. Salo of Kabayan and Virgilio S. Lacson of Manila Teachers. Salo and Lacson’s proposed law seeks to exempt local sea salt from mandatory iodization. Sea salt is required to be iodized under Republic Act 8172, or the Act for Salt Iodization Nationwide (Asin).

“When the Asin law was enacted, mandatory iodization was recommended by the World Health Organization [WHO] to be the most cost-effective method to address iodine deficiency disorder [IDD] of some children,” CCF said. “However, the law proved to be a trade impediment to the development of the Philippine sea salt industry and even led to its decline.”


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