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Philippines campaigns to use iodized salt

The National Nutrition Council (NNC) 11 intensified its campaign for the use of iodized salt to counter iodine deficiency.

Speaking during the Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM City on Monday, Dr. Maria Theresa Ungson, NNC 11 coordinator, encouraged consumers to use iodized salt as this is the most affordable alternative to seafood in order to prevent iodine deficiency which can lead to thyroid enlargement, hypothyroidism and mental retardation among infants.

She added mothers who suffer from iodine deficiency disorder during their pregnancy may affect the intelligence quotient of the babies. “That’s already 13 points down in the infant’s IQ level,” she said.

She highlighted the importance of proper storage of the iodized salt at home, ensuring that it is kept in a closed container because an “opened package of table salt with iodine may rapidly lose its iodine content through the process of oxidation and iodine sublimation.”

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is also monitoring and testing the iodized salt being sold at the local markets if it is properly packaged because they should comply with the 30 to 70 parts per million (ppm) requirement, and 15 ppm when it reaches the households.


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