Iodine Global Network (IGN)

30.11.2022   IDD Newsletter 04/2022

In this issue:
  • Ethiopia's salt iodization success story
  • Poor learning in iodine deficient Portuguese children
  • Iodine deficiency and depression in pregnancy
  • Joint monitoring of iodine and sodium intakes in Lithuania


Ethiopia's salt iodization success story

(Yusufali R et al.)
Ethiopia has made remarkable progress in iodized salt coverage, leading to sharply improved iodine intake across the country

Poor cognitive function in iodine deficient Portuguese schoolchildren

(Bailote HB et al.)

Low use of iodized salt among university students in Germany and Greece

(Heimberg et al.)

"Ramping up" salt iodization in Eastern and Southern Africa

(Festo P. Kavische)
A mid-term review of the USI-IDD roadmap for the Eastern and Southern Africa Region finds that overall implementation has been much better than expected

Low iodine intake in Norway increases risk of depression in pregnancy and the postpartum

(Brantsoeter AL et al.)

Joint assessment of iodine and sodium intakes in Lithuania

(Zakauskiene U et al.)

Iodine nutrition and salt iodization across South Asia

(M.R. Maharjan, Arnold Timmer, Zivai Murira, Mathilde Maurel, Renuka Jayatissa)