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#FutureFortified global recommendations released

The Government of Tanzania and GAIN hosted the #FutureFortified Global Summit on Food Fortification from 9 to 11 September 2015 in Arusha, Tanzania. As part of the Summit Technical Advisory Group, the Iodine Global Network helped to design the evidence-based agenda.

The Summit, which was a major milestone for fortification and iodization, and the broader #FutureFortified campaign, had a primary objective to renew interest, awareness, and investment in food fortification and salt iodization as evidence-based and highly effective means to deliver sustainable impact on public health. The Summit delivered on this objective and its three original goals:

  • Review achievements, challenges and lessons learnt: The Summit examined contextual factors which drive reach, impact, and sustainability with eleven countries presenting their fortification stories;
  • Understand current evidence: The event looked at the latest evidence-informed guidelines as well as systematic reviews on health and nutrition impact and their implications for improving programs; and
  • Align on the way forward: The Summit culminated in the Arusha Statement on Food Fortification which outlines the major priorities moving forward to ensure that food fortification and salt iodization programs are expanded, improved, and sustained in low and middle-income countries.

The TAG partners, including the Iodine Global Network, are now working to ensure that these recommendations are taken forward and implemented. The official event proceedings and recommendations for global food fortification programs were published on 6 July 2016.


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