Iodine Global Network (IGN)


COUNTRY POPULATION: 4,803,748 (2018)
MUIC* (µg/L): 111 (2014-15) National, Adolescent girls (14-15)
MUIC IN OTHER POPULATIONS (µg/L): 101 (2008-10) National, WRA (18-55)
HHIS* (UNICEF 2017): -
* MUIC, median urinary iodine concentration
* HHIS, percentage of households consuming iodized salt (>0 ppm) among all tested households
SAC: school-age children / WRA: women of reproductive age / PW: pregnant women


26. April 2019

Ireland: Do you risk losing key nutrients by switching from milk to non-dairy alternatives?

Once we sloshed cow’s milk over our cereal but now it’s all about choice. But do we risk losing key...

28. June 2017

Ireland: Questions over iodine levels in dairy feed

The Department of Agriculture has written to animal feed manufactures over the levels of iodine ...

11. July 2016

Study in Ireland shows iodine status is improved by continued exposure to a seaweed-rich environment

The research published in the Irish Medical Journal says iodine intake, which is essential to brain...

26. March 2015

Ireland urged to implement universal salt iodization

Researchers at University College, Dublin (Ireland) have been asked to carry out an analysis on the...


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Regional Coordinator

John Lazarus
Cardiff, United Kingdom

National Coordinator

Jayne Woodside