Iodine Global Network (IGN)

New Zealand

MUIC* (µg/L): 116 (2015) Sub-national, SAC (8-10 years)
* MUIC, median urinary iodine concentration
SAC: school-age children / WRA: women of reproductive age / PW: pregnant women / NPNLW: Non-Pregnant Non-Lactating Women


03. July 2017

New Zealand to investigate iodine status in women who don't eat bread

Massey University’s School of Food and Nutrition Master’s student Jacqui Finlayson’s interest in New Zealand’s iodine situation has ignited research investigating the iodine levels of Kiwi women who ...

17. May 2016

School-children in New Zealand are iodine-sufficient

A new study aimed to determine the iodine status of New Zealand children when the fortification of bread was well established. A cross-sectional survey of children aged 8–10 years was conducted in the...

17. May 2016

New Zealand study to examine links between iodine status and postnatal depression

After the birth of their baby most women see their health care professionals, with the focus often on the baby’s health. Yet 10 to 15 per cent of new mothers in New Zealand will suffer from postnatal...

29. January 2016

Are Kiwi men getting enough iodine?

Do Kiwi men who sweat a lot suffer from iodine deficiency? That is the question researchers from Massey University’s School of Food and Nutrition want to answer as they kick off a new study investigating...


Mandatory fortification of bread with iodised salt modestly improves
iodine status in schoolchildren
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Sheila A. Skeaff and Emily Lonsdale-Cooper
British Journal of Nutrition 2013 Mar 28;109(6):1109-13
NHMRC public statement: Iodine Supplementation for Pregnant and
Breastfeeding Women
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The National Health and Medical Research Council, January 2010

Regional Coordinator

Edward Otico

National Coordinator

Louise Brough