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COUNTRY POPULATION: 106,512,074 (2018)
MUIC* (µg/L): 183 (2018) National, SAC (9-10)
HHIS* (UNICEF 2017): 52.4% (NNS/SMART 2015)
* MUIC, median urinary iodine concentration
* HHIS, percentage of households consuming iodized salt (>0 ppm) among all tested households
SAC: school-age children / WRA: women of reproductive age / PW: pregnant women


21. August 2018

Philippines: Groups back bill exempting local sea salt from ASIN law

FOOD entrepreneurs and exporters want to make the non-iodization of salt no longer a sin under the law...

13. January 2016

Philippines: Public encouraged to buy only DOH-sealed iodized salt

The Philippine National Nutrition Council in Central Visayas (NNC 7) is urging the public to buy only...

16. November 2015

Philippines to combat smuggling of non-iodized salt

Salt iodization law enforcement will be strengthened between Cagayan Valley and the Ilocos region in the...

30. October 2015

Philippines campaigns to use iodized salt

The National Nutrition Council (NNC) 11 intensified its campaign for the use of iodized salt to counter...

03. September 2015

Philippines: iodized salt campaign continues

The campaign for “Saktong Iodine sa Asin (Adequate Iodine in Salt)” continues in the Northern Mindanao...

23. July 2015

Philippines: Iodine Task Force to be activated in Mindanao

A “Bantay Asin” Task Force (BATF) will be organized by the Department of Health (DOH-13) and National...

12. July 2015

Philippines: public encouraged to buy iodized salt

The public should buy salt bearing the warning "Saktong Iodine sa Asin" and the DOH seal on the package,...

12. May 2015

Philippines: meeting on iodized salt held in Batangas

A Consultative Meeting of the Salt Iodization Program took place on 23 April at the Provincial Capitol...

28. April 2015

Philippines: challenges to salt iodization 20 years after ASIN law

Iodine deficiency is a “silent but tremendous” nutritional problem as it can greatly risk the health and...

19. July 2014

Goiter is still common in the Philippines

In the Philippines, one of the most common diseases that affect the thyroid gland is goiter. “Goiter...


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Prepared by: Nutrition Center of the Philippines for the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition - Philippines
June 2015
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Bu Kyung Kim, Jee-Yeong Jeong, Kwang-Hyuk Seok, Andrew S. Lee, Chul Ho Oak, Ghi Chan Kim, Chae-Kyeong Jeong, Sung In Choi, Pablo M. Afidchao, and Young Sik Choi
International Journal of Endocrinology, Volume 2014, Article ID 210528, 7 pages

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