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17. January 2018

Fortifying salt with iodine – a simple measure to prevent intellectual disability

Russian bloggers, media representatives and policy-makers gathered at a WHO event in Moscow to hear experts and researchers explain how iodine deficiency in pregnancy affects development of the child’s...

04. July 2017

Russia prepares to review food legislation to improve iodine intakes

Following a successful nationwide public health campaign, iodine nutrition in Russia has been on the lips of the national media, public health experts and, at last, the decision makers. At a high-level...

12. April 2016

Russia: Iodine deficiency prevention implemented in Almetyevsk kindergartens

The Almetyevsk (a region in the central Russian republic of Tatarstan) budget has allocated more than 543 thousand rubles in the first half and 1,131 thousand rubles in the second half of the year on...


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