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28. November 2019

Push to increase the supply and availability of iodized salt in the UK

A joint initiative of British Salt, British Thyroid Foundation, UK Iodine Group and the Iodine Global Network.

28. May 2018

Adding iodine to salt could help children reach full academic potential

Experts want iodine to be added to salt after research showed that a lack of the mineral in pregnant women stops half of all children reaching their full academic potential. Iodine...

28. March 2018

New survey finds teenage girls in Northern Ireland have adequate amounts of iodine in their bodies

A new survey of 14-15 year old girls in Northern Ireland has found they have adequate amounts of iodine in their bodies based on guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO)...

04. October 2017

UK: Most milk substitutes are low in iodine

Milk and dairy products are the main source of iodine in many diets, and an important iodine source in many countries. However, the latest research from Dr. Sarah Bath (University of...

10. November 2016

Northern Ireland: Pregnant women may be iodine deficient

by Amber Cox, originally published on the Healio website on November 9, 2016 Iodine deficiency in pregnant women from Northern Ireland is common, but offspring have adequate iodine...

08. November 2016

UK: Lack of iodine during pregnancy linked to lower IQ in babies

Originally published in the Irish News on November 8, 2016 Pregnant women are being encouraged to include iodine-rich foods such as dairy, fish, eggs and cranberries in their diet ...

29. April 2016

Iodine deficiency in the UK: grabbing the low-hanging fruit

In this era of global obesity and diabetes epidemics, simple solutions to public health problems seem almostinconceivable. And if such an easily solved issue were to arise, it might be...

17. February 2016

UK: Organic dairy makes advancements in iodine levels

Following a two-year project to raise iodine levels, OMSCo (the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative) announces today that the organic dairy industry has been successful in maintaining...

07. December 2015

UK: why are pregnant mothers at risk of iodine deficiency?

Every mother knows how important nutrition is in pregnancy; specifically taking folic acid and vitamin-D supplements to ensure their growing baby gets the best start. Yet few have ...

10. August 2015

UK: Pregnancy iodine pills 'good for babies and economy'

Recommending iodine supplements to all pregnant women could save the NHS money, say researchers. A study in The Lancet concluded that if all pregnant women took a daily dose, it...

28. May 2015

Pregnant women in UK lack guidance on iodine intake levels

Pregnant women are not getting enough information about the need to include iodine in their diets, despite high awareness of general advice for pregnancy nutrition. While 96% of...

27. May 2015

Overactive thyroid: causes, symptoms and treatments

Thyroid disorders affect one in twenty people in the UK. Despite them being so common, there are still many who are unaware of what actually causes them and, most importantly, what the...

06. May 2015

UK iodine experts weigh in on the media debate about iodine and salt

Sir, We endorse strongly the initiative to reduce the daily salt consumption in this country to the level proposed by experts (report, Apr 28, letter Apr 30). This would not preclude...

28. April 2015

UK: organic milk has about a third less iodine than conventional milk

A paper published in the journal Food Chemistry has analysed the levels of iodine in British supermarket milk, reporting lower levels in milk labelled as organic compared with...

11. January 2015

Variable weather may lead to iodine deficiency in livestock

Livestock farmers need to be more aware of increasing variations in the trace element status of land if they are to make the most of the narrow margins now predominant in sheep and ...


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