Iodine Global Network (IGN)


COUNTRY POPULATION: 200'813'818 (2018)
MUIC* (µg/L): 124 (2011) National, SAC (6-12)
HHIS* (UNICEF 2017): 69.1% (NNS/SMART 2011)
* MUIC, median urinary iodine concentration
* HHIS, percentage of households consuming iodized salt (>0 ppm) among all tested households
SAC: school-age children / WRA: women of reproductive age / PW: pregnant women


14. August 2018

Pakistan: Survey to assess success of food fortification programmes

A survey will be conducted in Islamabad to assess that how much fortified foods have contributed to the...

28. September 2016

Pakistan: UK-funded fortification program targets women and children

By Lynda Searby, 27-Sep-2016 A £48m (€55m) five-year, large-scale fortification programme is being...

19. January 2016

Pakistan: Punjab government launches SUN movement

The Punjab government has launched Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Secretariat/ programme with support of...

27. November 2015

Karachi emphasizes use of Iodine for healthy life

A seminar was held to create awareness among people about the importance of Iodine for a healthy life on...

12. May 2015

Campaign to promote iodized salt launched in Pakistan

A campaign aimed at promoting iodized salt to help prevent iodine deficiency has been launched in the...

06. April 2015

Health experts in Pakistan promote iodized salt among tribal communities

Health experts addressed a seminar on the importance of iodised salt organised last week by the Maternal...

26. March 2015

GAIN encourages Pakistani food manufacturers to use iodized salt

In Pakistan, use of iodized salt in processed foods is currently voluntary, and no data is available on...

18. March 2015

Pakistanis demand laws on salt iodization

Legislation for universal salt iodisation is key to combat iodine deficiency. This was demanded by...

17. February 2015

Pakistan calls for legislation to combat IDD

Speakers at a workshop on Friday urged Pakistani authorities to develop proper legislation to ensure 100...

17. February 2015

Pakistani government under pressure to adopt salt iodization laws

Speakers at a workshop on Friday urged Pakistani authorities to develop proper legislation to ensure 100...


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Regional Coordinator

Izzeldin Hussein
Muscat, Oman

National Coordinator

Ch. Faiz Rasool