Iodine Global Network (IGN)


IGN REGION: China & East Asia
MUIC* (µg/L): 200 (2017) National, SAC (9–11 years)
* MUIC, median urinary iodine concentration
SAC: school-age children / WRA: women of reproductive age / PW: pregnant women / NPNLW: Non-Pregnant Non-Lactating Women


09. June 2020

Evaluation of Iodine Nutritional Status Among Pregnant Women in China

Remarkable achievements have been made for over two decades by implementing a universal salt iodization policy in China. However, changes in the standards and manufacturing of iodized salt have made it...

17. February 2020

Farewell to the God of Plague: Estimating the effects of China's Universal Salt Iodization on educational outcomes

This paper estimates the effects of China's Universal Salt Iodization (USI) policy in 1994 – the largest nutrition intervention policy in human history – on children's later-life educational outcomes....

29. May 2018

China reconsiders iodized salt policy amid health concerns

China will change its requirement that all salt nationwide be iodized and instead set different standards for different regions, The Beijing News reported Thursday. Zhang Wanqi, a nutrition expert at...

21. May 2018

China to amend 24-year-old iodized salt policy

China's National Health Commission plans to amend a 24-year-old regulation covering iodized salt, demanding that producers provide non-iodized salt to meet the needs of some groups. The draft amendment...

27. October 2016

UNICEF emphasizes the importance of maintaining universal availability of iodised salt to protect China’s pregnant women and children against Iodine Deficiency Disorders

Global experts are convening in Harbin, China to review China’s successful salt iodisation program. The conference will review current global and national recommendations, discuss issues with USI...

06. May 2016

China announces reforms to salt monopoly

China’s government is chipping away at the country’s millennia-old salt monopoly, scrapping controls on the price and distribution of edible salt as part of the broader overhaul of the state sector....

19. May 2015

China celebrates 22nd IDD Prevention Day

On Friday, 15 May, China celebrated its 22nd National IDD Prevention Day. The aims of the IDD Day are to increase the knowledge of the population about the adverse effects of IDD and to promote population...

12. May 2015

Iodized salt is not associated with cancer risk

Iodized salt does not cause thyroid cancer, which has become more common in China in recent years, health authorities announced on Monday, ahead of China's Iodine Deficiency Sickness Prevention Day that...

22. November 2014

China plans to eliminate state monopoly on salt

China plans to scrap its state monopoly on the sale of salt, marking the end of a system with nearly 2,700 years of history. The move is intended to bolster competition. A monopoly on salt production...

07. May 2014

The level of iodine intake from iodized salt in China is safe

China will stick to a wide use of iodized salt, and the current level of iodine intake is safe, says Lei Zhenglong, from the National Health and Family Planning Commission in China.

30. March 2009

China: wise beyond her years

America's National Public Radio (NPR) ran a March 30 story about a Chinese college sophomore who returned to her home village, got herself elected mayor, and instituted an aggresive reform program...


Regional Coordinator

Ming Qian
Tianjin, China

National Coordinator

Zupei Chen