Iodine Global Network (IGN)

01.05.2011   IDD Newsletter 2/2011

In this issue:
  • India
  • Belgrade Forum
  • Ukraine
  • Salt for Survival
  • West Africa
  • UAE
  • Meetings and Announcements
  • Abstracts


Reaching the rural poor in India with iodized salt: the Micronutrient Initiative’s Iodized Salt Coverage Study 2010

(Barbara Strange, Mathew Joseph, S Kaushik, Suvabrata Dey, Sucharita Dutt, Ranjan Kumar Jha)
A study of iodized salt coverage among rural populations in eight Indian states provides important new information to help guide efforts to scale up production and consumption. Importantly, this study accurately quantified iodine in household salt using titration ...

Belgrade Forum accelerates national efforts in the Russian Federation and Ukraine to ensure optimum iodine nutrition

Russia and Ukraine are the two most populous countries in the CEE/CIS region and the only two countries in the region that have not yet passed mandatory legislation on universal salt iodization at a national level ...

Salt for Survival: Canadian students spread the word on the benefits of iodized salt

(Connor Emdin and Alex Ognibene)
Salt for Survival is a student-run organization at the University of Toronto, Queen’s University and McGill University that seeks to promote awareness of iodine deficiency and to raise money for salt iodization projects in the developing world. The organization was co-founded by Connor Emdin and Alex Ognibene in 2009, during their first year of undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto’s Trinity College. Specializing in Biochemistry and Peace and Conflict Studies, the founders sought to engage their respective fields and the wider campus community ...

Strengthening ties between ICCIDD and the United Arab Emirates

(Izzeldin Hussein)
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was one the first countries to begin the fight against IDD when in 1999 a survey sho-wed the total goiter prevalence was 40% and coverage of iodized salt was only 6%. The UAE hosted the first regional meeting on IDD elimination in the year 2000, attended by all Eastern Mediterranean and MANARO member states, and attended by most of the international agencies and NGOs (WHO, UNICEF, ICCIDD, MI) and the salt industry from the region ...