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26. December 2018

Argentina: 70% of the salt consumed is not iodized (In Spanish)

Durante un encuentro de formación para salineros, desde Iodine Global Network destacaron que en Salta solo cinco salineras cumplen las normativas vigentes. Los alimentos industriales no se elaboran con sal yodada. Durante el tercer encuentro de asesoría...

11. October 2018

First European map on iodine deficiency

Excerpted from: "First European map on iodine deficiency" by CORDIS. Published in Medical Xpress on October 10, 2018. Harmonisation of the collective approaches that ensure sufficient iodine intake in European countries is imperative for the ...

21. August 2018

Philippines: Groups back bill exempting local sea salt from ASIN law

FOOD entrepreneurs and exporters want to make the non-iodization of salt no longer a sin under the law. In a position paper, multisectoral group Competitiveness Currency Forum (CCF) rallied behind House Bill (HB) 4939, filed by Reps. Ron P. Salo of...

21. August 2018

Micronutrient deficiencies: The importance of vitamin A and iodine

In developing countries across the globe, many people suffer from micronutrient deficiencies, stemming from improper nourishment and leading to a number of health problems. Vitamin A and iodine deficiencies have serious consequences for mothers and...

14. August 2018

Pakistan: Survey to assess success of food fortification programmes

A survey will be conducted in Islamabad to assess that how much fortified foods have contributed to the health and growth of women of reproductive age (aged 15-49 years) and children under five. Food fortification, over the years, has become a ...

14. August 2018

To the salt flats of Senegal for a buoyant business idea

Salt Queen’s micro-enterprise produces four to five tonnes of product a day in peak season Senegal is the largest salt producer in west Africa, harvesting almost half a million tonnes every year. Small-scale harvesters, who work in areas such as Lake...

11. August 2018

India: Strategy to meet demand for iodized salt necessary for healthy life

Chennai sources stated that Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) is a major public health problem in the state and this is why daily consumption of iodized salt was the devised strategy. Meanwhile a large population of children face iodine deficiency as...

28. June 2018

IGN is seeking a technical consultant on strengthening fortificant (KIO3/premix) procurement systems in South-East Asia

In order to support national salt iodization programmes in the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region, the Iodine Global Network (IGN), on behalf of the UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO), proposes to hire a consultant or consulting firm to...

31. May 2018

A consultation on Double Fortified Salt (DFS): A call for authors

IGN is seeking individuals or institutions interested in taking the lead in the development of background papers for a global consultation on Double Fortified Salt (DFS). Several million people globally suffer from sub-optimal intake of vitamins and...

29. May 2018

China reconsiders iodized salt policy amid health concerns

China will change its requirement that all salt nationwide be iodized and instead set different standards for different regions, The Beijing News reported Thursday. Zhang Wanqi, a nutrition expert at Tianjin Medical University, told Sixth Tone that...

28. May 2018

Iodine deficiency comes back to Vietnam

Iodine deficiency, which can causes mental retardation, has come back to Vietnam, especially in mountain communities, the country's National Hospital of Endocrinology said on Saturday. According to the hospital's latest survey, some 60 percent of...

28. May 2018

Cambodia: Salt producers told to add iodine or risk losing licence

Salt producers must now add iodine to their product or face losing their business licence after the government passed a Prakas banning sales of non-iodised salt. The move aims to tackle iodine deficiency, which is considered the leading preventable...

28. May 2018

Adding iodine to salt could help children reach full academic potential

Experts want iodine to be added to salt after research showed that a lack of the mineral in pregnant women stops half of all children reaching their full academic potential. Iodine is an essential nutrient for foetal brain development, but studies...

21. May 2018

China to amend 24-year-old iodized salt policy

China's National Health Commission plans to amend a 24-year-old regulation covering iodized salt, demanding that producers provide non-iodized salt to meet the needs of some groups. The draft amendment calls for a scientific approach and a flexible...

11. May 2018

Azerbaijan’s Food Safety Agency to control quality of salt, grain

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree on amending the "Decree on Ensuring the Implementation of the Law of Azerbaijan on Salt Iodization for the Purpose of Mass Prevention of Iodine Deficiency Diseases", dated Sept. 27, 2003. In...

01. May 2018

Krakow Declaration urges Europe to tackle iodine deficiency in kids

Scientists taking part in the EUthyroid project have signed up to the Krakow declaration of iodine, which urges European governments to support efforts in eliminating the micronutrient’s deficiency.

01. May 2018

Risk for iodine deficiency and hypothyroidism high in children on parenteral nutrition

Children who are receiving chronic parenteral nutrition (PN) therapy may be at a higher risk of developing an iodine deficiency and subsequent hypothyroidism, according to a study published in Pediatrics. Researchers performed a cross-sectional study...

27. April 2018

St. Lucia: Caribbean island urinary iodine and salt survey

PAHO, UNICEF, and the Ministry of Health have combined forces in an effort to identify health gaps in children which may contribute to chronic diseases and affect their learning abilities in the future. Saint Lucia is currently the 6th Caribbean...

18. April 2018

Naukowcy podpisali "Krakowską deklarację o jodzie"

Jod jest krytycznym mikroelementem dla rozwoju mózgu u dzieci. Naukowcy obawiają się, że nawet 50 proc. wszystkich noworodków w Europie nie osiągnie pełni swoich funkcji poznawczych z powodu niedoboru jodu. W środę, 18 kwietnia, prezentując na...

28. March 2018

New survey finds teenage girls in Northern Ireland have adequate amounts of iodine in their bodies

A new survey of 14-15 year old girls in Northern Ireland has found they have adequate amounts of iodine in their bodies based on guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO). This is the finding from a new report commissioned by safefood and...

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