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Karachi emphasizes use of Iodine for healthy life

A seminar was held to create awareness among people about the importance of Iodine for a healthy life on the eve of World Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) Day here on Tuesday.

The moot was organized jointly by Nutrition Support Program (NSP), Government of Sindh and UNICEF at a local Hotel.

Experts shared their latest research work and emphasized the usage of iodized salt in daily routine life. According to experts, normally a person requires a teaspoon of iodine in his whole lifetime. As iodine cannot be stored for long periods by the body, tiny amounts are needed regularly.

According to a survey, iodine deficiency causes increased child mortality, mental retardation, deaf & dumb, stunting, intellectual impairment (less IQ), hypothyroidism, cretinism, goiter, maternal mortality and morbidity.

The most affected population from Iodine deficiency disorders are poor classes, pregnant women and pre-school children.

“Interventions to control IDD involve Universal Salt Iodization and the promotion of iodized salt consumption, which is easy, cheap and cost effective,” the experts said.


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