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Ireland: Questions over iodine levels in dairy feed

The Department of Agriculture has written to animal feed manufactures over the levels of iodine contained in their products. In the letter, seen by FarmIreland the Department cites concerns over milk containing high levels of iodine which is unsuitable for use in certain high value-added markets important to the Irish dairy industry.

Earlier this year, Teagasc issued a letter and advice concerning excessive iodine supplementation in concentrate feeds for dairy cows. In the letter Teagasc stated that the current level of supplementation in compound feed for dairy cows greatly exceeds the cow’s requirement.

In light of this, the Department last week highlighted to animal feed manufactures that the maximum content of iodine in complete feeds for the requirements of dairy cows is 5mg/kg. However, it says that the recommended maximum content of iodine in feed for dairy cows is just 2mg/kg.


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