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Iodine deficiency [Endocrine Reviews] [2009]

Iodine deficiency [Endocrine Reviews] [2009] Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2018  10:35
MB Zimmermann

Iodine deficiency
Endocrine Reviews, 2009, 30: 376–408

Table of contents:
I. Introduction
II. Ecology
III. Dietary Sources

IV. Absorption and Metabolism
A. Thyroidal adaptation to iodine deficiency
B. Goitrogens

V. Requirements
A. Definitions
B. Adulthood
C. Pregnancy and lactation
D. Infancy
E. Childhood

VI. Methods to Assess Status
A. Thyroid size
B. Urinary iodine concentration
C. Thyroid stimulating hormone
D. Thyroglobulin
E. Thyroid hormone concentrations
F. Assessing status during pregnancy
G. Assessing status during lactation
H. Assessing status during infancy

VII. Effects of Deficiency through the Life Cycle
A. Pregnancy and infancy
B. Childhood
C. Adulthood

VIII. Epidemiology

IX. Treatment and Prevention
A. Salt fortification with iodine
B. Other fortification vehicles
C. Iodine supplementation
D. Strategies to prevent or correct deficiency during pregnancy and lactation

X. Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition
A. Infancy
B. Childhood
C. Adulthood

XI. Increasing Iodine Intakes in Populations and Iodine Excess
A. Cross-sectional studies: the epidemiology of thyroid disorders in areas of low and high intakes
B. Longitudinal studies: the effects of increasing intakes in populations on thyroid function

XII. Conclusions