Iodine Global Network (IGN)

Iodine Deficiency - Interview with Prof. Zimmermann (ETH, Zurich)

AllCharitiesUK interviewed our Chair, Prof. Michael Zimmermann, a global authority on iodine deficiency.

Interview published on 18 Jan 2017

Questions asked:

1. What is iodine deficiency? (0:08)
2. What are the effects of iodine deficiency? (0:25)
3. What is the current situation globally? Which countries are most affected? (0:48)
4. Can you introduce us to Iodine Global Network and its mission? (1:21)
5. How many people has Iodine Global Network supported so far? (2:09)
6.What are Iodine Global Network’s goals for the upcoming years? (2:29)
7. How many people would be impacted if you were to receive a donation of 100 CHF? (2:41)
8. What is your biggest challenge to achieving this mission? (3:05)
9. How will Iodine Global Network use the funds it will receive from AllCharities? (3:30)
10. What would have to happen in order to solve iodine deficiency worldwide? (3:57)
11. What do you think about Xenia’s campaign to raise awareness about IGN? (4:28)
12. How important is the role of artists and social influencers in the charitable sector? (4:58)
13. How do you think the collaboration between Xenia and IGN will impact the fundraising? (5:16)