Iodine Global Network (IGN)

IGN is seeking a technical consultant on strengthening fortificant (KIO3/premix) procurement systems in South-East Asia

In order to support national salt iodization programmes in the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region, the Iodine Global Network (IGN), on behalf of the UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO), proposes to hire a consultant or consulting firm to provide strategic and technical support to four countries in the region (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Mongolia and Myanmar), wishing to strengthen their existing KIO3 procurements systems or support the salt producers association involved in these supply chains to develop a more sustainable business model.

Criteria for potential consultants
  • Qualification in supply chain or business management, accounting, or related field
  • Expertise in salt production, refining and iodization or alternative food processing including fortification
  • Experience in working with government at national level and with industry bodies such as producers’ associations, particularly in developing countries
  • Experience in supply chain management, particularly in less developed countries
  • Demonstrated ability to convene stakeholders, and facilitate discussion, potentially between stakeholders with opposing mandates and perspectives
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze situations and identify key issues
  • Good writing and communication skills

For more details and requirements, please download the attached summary (below).

Please send Expressions of Interest to Karen Codling, IGN Regional Coordinator for South-East Asia and the Pacific,

All expressions of interest should be received by 10 July 2018