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Expo 2015: iodized salt for a healthy thyroid

"Only 55% of Italians buy it, let's aim for 90%', expert says"

Iodized salt is the 'best ally' for a healthy thyroid, endocrinologist Dominique Van Doorne said at Expo Milano 2015. She was speaking as part of an event on iodine as a preventative health measure promoted by the Italian health ministry within the 'Me and We -Women for Expo' initiative.

''Iodine is eaten and not breathed in, and thus the only way to consume it is through our diet,'' she said. A balanced diet (with 2 fish portions during the week, milk every day and some cheese) ensures just over half the daily recommended dose of iodine (90 micrograms for children until age 6, 120 for school-age children and 150 for adults), making the use of ionized salt indispensable.

''It is a cheap food that enables everyone to get the right quantity of iodine,'' Van Doorne said, noting that using iodine as a preventative public health measure would be simple, effective and have a high social impact. She noted that the use had over the years helped to prevent poor scholastic performance and stunted growth in children, permanent psycho-neurological in the fetus, as well as goiter and congenital hypo-thyroidism.

''Unfortunately, however, only 55% of Italians buy iodized salt,'' she said. ''This is since Law n.55 of March 21, 2005, which obliges shops to distribute iodized salt and to sell non-iodized salt only on the basis of consumers' specific request, is still not complied with by all supermarkets. We are aiming to raise awareness so that this rises to at least 90%.'


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