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Campaign to promote iodized salt launched in Pakistan

A campaign aimed at promoting iodized salt to help prevent iodine deficiency has been launched in the city of Karachi.

The campaign was launched by the Director of Health for Karachi, Dr Zafar Ejaz while speaking at a seminar held under the joint auspices of the city’s Directorate of Health, KMC Food and Quality Control Department, and UNICEF.

“Iodization of salt is the most inexpensive way of preventing iodine deficiency disorders,” he said, adding that iodine deficiency was causing complications among children, pregnant women and elderly people.

Claiming that the ratio of consumption of iodine salt in the metropolis during last one decade has increased from 17 per cent to 70pc, he said that consumption of iodine salt not only helps in improving human intelligence, but also provide an easy solution to mental disorders.


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