Iodine Global Network (IGN)

IODINE Global Network

How to support our work?


To support our work with a donation, please choose one of the following payment methods or organizations. You may be redirected to an external website.

Donations can also be sent to:

Iodine Global Network
P.O. Box 51030
375 des Epinettes,
Ottawa, Ontario K1E 3E6

In addition to a donation check (payable to "IGN"; send e-mail for transmittal instructions to we can accept bequests, governmental grants, or contracts.
Important information about tax receipts
The Iodine Global Network is a charitable organization registered in Canada (Registered Charity No.: 893540419RR0001), and we can issue tax receipts for your donation in Canadian dollars. Please verify with your tax agency if you are eligible for a tax rebate in your country. Please also note that Revenue Canada requires that you provide your home address in order to receive your tax receipt. Please contact us on if you require a tax receipt.

Make a purchase

We currently collaborate with the following individuals/organizations, who have chosen to donate the proceeds from purchases to the Iodine Global Network. Please contact our Secretariat if you would like to support our work through the sales of your product.

Thank you for your support!


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We have teamed up with The Life You Can Save to help donors see the impact of their donation.

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Download our Annual Report and follow our progress through the monthly Iodine Blog or the quarterly IDD Newsletter.